Feature Car - MON5TR VL Walkinshaw

Scott Stoneman

Posted on December 03 2015

Getting out of the passenger seat after a blast around the track in the huge single turbo'd OVK253 was reason enough to start the ball rolling with a new project. 

Starting off with a slightly rundown HSV Walkinshaw, Dan from D Street Designs in Windsor set about modifying the rear end of the car to suit the massive 22 x 12 inch Simmons, as well as an unbreakable 9inch diff, huge 8 piston brakes and installing coilovers in the front so the 22s fit on the pointy end as well. 

The trim was freshened up by Scheel Australia, making sure that the inside looked as good as Justin from Obsession Paint and Panel had the outside after he tidied the paint up

The car was sent up to the Gold Coast, to Hi-Torque performance where they built the 408 cubic inch cast iron LS engine, added some bits like the huge Precision Promod turbo, Shauns Custom Alloy intake manifold, a bulletproof Protrans box, along with plenty of other cool bits like the Motec computer. They wired, plumbed, polished and made everything spot on. 

Finished just shy of Motorex this year, the car was driven off the dyno into the trailer, after making an easy 1000+rwhp.

The car gets plenty of street time, including doing a few mates weddings, powercruise etc. 


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