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Shane Ross

Posted on July 16 2014

On the 30th April 2014, the Monstr Clothing website went live, it was the first time Monstr was available to the public, and has been on an upward journey ever since!

With over 20 different products already available already, with more only days away from hitting the online store, we are excited about things to come!

We've attended car shows such as the Australian Pro Street Association Shootout, Hi Tec Oils Figure 8 Drift series, Queen Street's "Fitted Fridays", and by far the most successful was Brashernats on the June long weekend.

These shows have helped get the brand into the marketplace, along with the Team Monstr members, such as Camo, Marshy and Malcolm.

We've mentioned clothes for the girls multiple times now, and after a meeting tonight, it's in the final stages, and will be released along with a new range of Gymwear and some new stuff for the guys as well!

The Monstr Clothing team would like to thank everyone for their support, and hope everyone finds at least one Monstr product they'd be happy to have on their back!

We will be running a BIG sale to get some of our existing stock out the door as well! We will announce it on here and on our facebook pages!




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