Team Monstr Profile - Camo Mote

Some people like Drag Racing, some people like burnouts, some people, such as Cameron Mote are die hard drifters.

From the moment you hear Camo's black S14 rumble to life, you realise it's not only the driver that is out of the ordinary. There are is no turbo 4 or 6 cyclinder turbo mill under the MONSTR stickered bonnet, its all V8 in this rig!

A cranky cammed LS1 engine is responsible for turning the hundreds of tyres into smoke and keeping the crowd smiling!
Camo's most recent win was well earned, after running the final decider 3 times, the judges at the most recent Sydney Powercruise decided that the Team Monstr drift S14 was the best on the day!

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